Monday, November 2, 2009

SEC Bowl/Standings projections

Time for me to eat some crow. Last week I came up with my initial Bowl Projections by predicting the outcome for each SEC team's remaining games, setting final records, and slotting the teams accordingly. I then made the fatal mistake of bragging that I went 16-3 on in conference games from this point forward last year.

This past weekend I went a paltry 1-3, missing on USC-UT, Ole Miss-Auburn and of course, Mississippi State-UK. As a result, there is a lot of movement in this week's picks. The big loser from last week? Take a wild guess. UT, on the other hand, really helped themselves out.

Note: I did not change the outcome of any future games based on last weekend's performances. In the future I might do so, couldn't justify it this time. Teams have been up and down from week to week, and none of these outcomes were exactly shocking.

Still, I figure South Carolina and Ole Miss are most likely to fall from their spots here. Conversely Mississippi State could still get to 6-6 and steal a bid, but it will take a huge effort (must win 2 games with Ala, @Ark and Ole Miss remaining)

Finally, there is a lot more guesswork involved in the bowl slotting this week. If the standings shook out this way, things like fan support, geography and sex appeal come into play for everything from about the Cotton on down.


1. Florida, 8-0, 12-0

2. Tennessee 5-3, 8-4

3. Georgia 5-3, 7-5

4. South Carolina 3-5, 7-5
Music City

5. Kentucky 2-6, 6-6
Pizza Web Site Bowl

6. Vandy 0-8, 2-10
Out of the soup


1. Alabama 8-0, 12-0
National Championship

2. LSU 6-2, 10-2
Capital One Bowl

3. Mississippi 4-4, 8-4

4. Auburn 3-5, 7-5

5. Arkansas 2-6, 6-6

6. Mississippi State 2-6, 4-8
Still not bowling


Anonymous said...

What a tough loss for the Wildcats. The halftime adjustments on the part of the coaching staff were very minimal and ultimately cost us the game. I think you mean Ole Miss at the 3rd spot in the West, not State

Scutch said...

I did. Thanks.

LeeW said...

I say we get 3 in a row. I've said for about 3 weeks that UGA is a very good match up for us if Lindley is healthy. Get everyone healthy, take care of business agasint Vandy and we'll go into Athens on a high note. Care to join?

Dave Zahniser said...

I love Lee's optimism, but find it hard to come around after sitting through the second half of last week's debacle. Still, in the last couple of seasons the Cats have shown some up and down tendencies and just might pull out an upset if they get rolling. But I think you should save your "what bowl will we go to if we beat Georgia" post for after we've taken care of business against the Colonels and the Commodores.

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